Creation of the blog

This blog is the translation of my blog Vapeur about the technical aspects linked to the engineering of a steam launch.

I have a lot of work to translate all the pages, so please be patient, it will be operational soon§

PS: Please be also indulgent with the quality of the translation!


A nice machine

A Stuart 6A


The base of my Swan


The Stuart 6A of Oxbird

This machine is a compound type, i.e. that the steam passes initially in a first cylinder, smallest, then carries out a second relaxation in the second cylinder, of a larger volume (in direct connection with the pressure of admission), this type of engine is more economic in steam consumption than a traditional twin-cylinder, in which is used only once by cylinder.


The boiler and the machine of Mélusine


Oiler for a Swan

Three pumps on the same Swan


Pipes calculation

This website Give us some informations on that subject, it is more dedicated to the model making, but it is interesting by the way of doing it.


A very useful Website
and this one for the réalisation of a boiler, nice job!

Boilers link

Many informations on the boilers, how to calculate and to make them...
on this Website
I have add it in the useful links on the side of the page.